Masimo Engineer’s Apple Watch Partnership with Tim Cook

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Masimo Engineer's Apple Watch Partnership with Tim Cook

In an exclusive revelation, the saga unfolds as a Masimo engineer, Marcelo Lamego, forges a groundbreaking partnership with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. The story begins with a pivotal email, leading to Lamego’s role in the Apple Watch development and triggering a decade-long legal battle. I am positively sure I could add significant value to the Apple team,’ Lamego asserted in his plea to Tim Cook, setting the stage for an extraordinary collaboration.

The Beginning of the Partnership

Meet Marcelo Lamego, a smart engineer from Masimo. Back in 2013, Apple and Masimo were talking about working together. At first, Marcelo said no to Apple’s offer, but everything changed when Masimo’s big boss didn’t give him a better job. Marcelo then sent an email to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, saying, “I’m sure I could help Apple a lot.” That email was a game-changer.

The Extraordinary Collaboration Revealed – Masimo and Apple

The email caught the eye of an Apple recruiter, who called Marcelo within hours. Soon after, in January 2014, Marcelo joined Apple’s Research and Development team. But his time at Apple was short—only seven months. Steve Hotelling, a top guy at Apple, said Marcelo left because he didn’t get along with the bosses, asked for a lot of money, and wanted to hire people without asking for permission.

Even with the ups and downs, Marcelo had a big impact. Around the same time, Apple hired about 20 other Masimo employees, making the collaboration even more intense. Marcelo’s expertise helped shape Apple’s plans in the medical and wellness market.

Masimo Engineer's Apple Watch Partnership with Tim Cook - The Extraordinary Collaboration Revealed
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The Blood Oxygen Sensor Drama

As the Apple Watch evolved, so did the problems. Masimo, the health tech company, sued Apple, saying they stole ideas by hiring key engineers like Marcelo. The fight was about a cool feature, the blood oxygen sensor, which only came out in the Apple Watch Series 6 in 2020. Masimo said Marcelo didn’t really know how to make it when he worked at Apple, but he shared what he knew from his time at Cercacor, a Masimo spinoff.

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When Marcelo left Apple, he started his own company, True Wearables. He made a device called Oxxiom that keeps track of your blood oxygen levels. But Masimo didn’t like that and got the courts to stop True Wearables from selling it.

The Ongoing Battle

At first, Masimo wanted more than $3 billion from Apple, saying they stole their tech. In response, Apple tried legal and software tricks to get around a ban on selling the Apple Watch by the International Trade Commission. If they can’t agree on things, both companies are going back to court at the end of October.

The exclusive partnership between Marcelo Lamego and Tim Cook unfolds like a fascinating story in the tech world. From one important email to a short but important collaboration, it’s a tale of big companies working together and then fighting. As the legal battle keeps going, we wonder how this partnership will affect the future of cool tech like the Apple Watch. It’s a story we’ll be keeping an eye on!

Masimo Engineer's Apple Watch Partnership with Tim Cook - The Ongoing Battle

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