Apple’s Vision Pro Launch Excludes Spotify, YouTube, and Other Top Apps

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Apple’s Vision Pro is set to launch without native support for popular apps like Spotify and YouTube. Despite speculations, both giants have chosen to opt-out, with a YouTube spokesperson stating, ‘YouTube users will be able to use YouTube in Safari on the Vision Pro at launch.’ The absence of these top apps raises questions about the device’s initial user experience, leaving enthusiasts curious about the upcoming mixed-reality headset.

As the excitement builds for the release of Apple’s Vision Pro on February 2, there’s an unexpected twist that’s raising eyebrows in the tech community. The much-anticipated mixed-reality headset, priced at $3,499, will be hitting the market without native support for some of the most popular apps, notably Spotify and YouTube. This surprising revelation comes from a close look at the decisions made by app developers leading up to the Apple’s Vision Pro launch.

To understand why this matters, let’s break down how apps are categorized for Apple’s Vision Pro. There are two types: apps specifically made for the headset and iPad apps that can also run on it. By default, every iPad app is compatible with Apple’s Vision Pro unless developers decide otherwise.

Among the 46 most popular apps, none will start as native Apple’s Vision Pro apps, and just over a third will work in compatibility mode. YouTube and Spotify, two heavyweights in the app world, have chosen not to support Apple’s Vision Pro, leaving users and fans wondering about the reasoning behind this decision.

Apple's Vision Pro Launch Excludes Spotify, YouTube, and Other Top Apps
Source: Apple

A spokesperson from YouTube reassured users, saying, “YouTube users will be able to use YouTube in Safari on the Vision Pro at launch.” On the other hand, Spotify has kept quiet about Apple’s Vision Pro compatibility, leaving users curious about why these major apps aren’t jumping on board.

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While developers have the option to change their minds before the official launch, it’s a bit uncertain whether significant changes will happen. MacStories, a tech outlet, put it bluntly, stating, “It’s hard to see those numbers swinging significantly.” This suggests that Apple’s Vision Pro might not have all the app support users were hoping for right from the start.

In a recent report, Bloomberg hinted that even Netflix won’t be creating a special app for Apple’s Vision Pro. Instead, users will have to use a browser on the device to access the streaming service. This reflects a larger trend where major streaming platforms are approaching the idea of creating special apps for the $3,499 headset with caution.

Considering the list of apps not available at launch, including Instagram, Facebook, and possibly even Meta’s Instagram and Facebook, Apple’s Vision Pro users might have limited choices initially. However, the device will still feature 3D movies from Disney Plus and support other streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Max, Paramount Plus, Pluto TV, and Peacock.

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The absence of native support for apps like Spotify and YouTube at the Vision Pro launch has sparked discussions about the device’s user experience. As tech enthusiasts eagerly await the debut, the decisions made by major app developers raise questions about the direction and immediate appeal of Apple’s Vision Pro in the competitive mixed-reality landscape. The next two weeks leading up to the launch might bring changes, but for now, users are left wondering about the surprises this app scenario brings.

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Apple Vision Pro Demo Source: Apple

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