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Explore Apple Vision Pro – a tech marvel packed with specs, from 256GB to 1TB, micro-OLED panels, and a potent M2 chip. It’s surprisingly light at 600-650g, thanks to a clever battery design. For protection, AppleCare Plus at $499 offers unlimited repairs. With transparent insights into repair costs and a call to ‘Get ready to experience technology at its finest,’ Vision Pro heralds a new era in spatial computing.

Apple Vision Pro Specs

On the preorder page of Apple Vision Pro, you’ll find a range of storage options from 256GB to 1TB, each with its own price tag. The micro-OLED panels inside boast refresh rates of 90Hz, 96Hz, and 100Hz, ensuring a smooth visual experience. Powering this marvel is the M2 chip, flaunting an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine – in simple terms, it’s a powerhouse. There’s a spatial camera with 6.5 stereo megapixels and an 18mm aperture for those picture-perfect moments. If you’re a tech nerd, you’ll appreciate the Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 support. Apple is going all out on this one!

Apple Vision Pro Weight

The weight of a device matters, especially if you’re planning to wear it for extended periods. Apple sets the record straight – the Apple Vision Pro weighs between 600-650g, depending on the Light Seal and headband setup. That’s about as heavy as a good-sized sandwich. Surprisingly light, right? And half of that weight is the battery, which is 353g by itself. Apple’s made sure the Vision Pro is light enough for comfort but heavy enough on features.

Apple Releases Vision Pro Accessories, Featuring $199 Travel Case and More
Source: Apple

Closer Look at AppleCare Plus

Apple knows that accidents happen, and that’s where AppleCare Plus steps in. For an extra $499, you get a safety net that includes unlimited repairs for accidental damage, Apple-certified service and support, and 24/7 priority access to Apple experts. If your Apple Vision Pro needs serious care, the Express Replacement Service ensures a replacement is on its way, minimizing downtime. And don’t forget the Cover that ships with the Apple Vision Pro, protecting the outer glass when it’s not in action. For those on the move, Apple’s got you covered with a travel case for $199, and spare batteries are also available for $199 each.

Apple Vision Pro Repair and Replacement Costs

What is the repair and replacement costs? Apple’s being upfront about it. If you end up cracking that front glass, it’s going to cost you. Without AppleCare, the repair can go up to $2,399, and if it’s ‘other damage,’ the same cost applies. But, here’s the game-changer – with AppleCare Plus, you’re covered for unlimited incidents, and if the entire unit needs replacing, you’re saving $1,601 compared to going solo. Smart move, right?

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Apple Vision Pro Experience

As Apple invites us to explore the Vision Pro, they want us to be ready for an experience like no other – “Get ready to experience technology at its finest.” It’s a journey into the future of spatial computing. Apple wants us to embrace this new era where technology reaches new heights and becomes an integral part of our lives.

The Apple Vision Pro unveiled with clear specifications, a weight that won’t weigh you down, the security of AppleCare Plus, and transparent insights into repair costs, Apple is setting the stage for a new era in spatial computing. As we gear up for this technological adventure, Apple’s message is clear – it’s time to experience technology at its finest. Get ready!

Take a Comprehensive Vision Pro Walkthrough in Apple's Guided Tour Video
Source: Apple

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