US Antitrust Alert: Apple’s App Store Exclusivity Under Fire

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US Antitrust Alert Apple's App Store Exclusivity Under Fire

In a significant turn, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) intensifies scrutiny on Apple’s App Store exclusivity, with Jonathan Kanter stating, ‘We are firing on all cylinders.’ Following Europe’s lead with the Digital Markets Act, global attention shifts to Apple, anticipating potential changes. The core issue revolves around Apple’s tight control, prompting investigations into potential breaches of competition law. As the DOJ nears a decision, the prospect of allowing third-party app stores or sideloading hangs in the balance, signifying a potential transformation in the tech industry.

This comes after Europe made a bold move against Apple, enforcing the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The law requires Apple to open up its App Store, letting other app stores join the iPhone party. Now, the global spotlight is on Apple, with countries like Japan gearing up for their own rules, pushing for more fairness in how the tech giant manages its App Store.

The Story Behind the Scenes – Apple

So, what’s the fuss about? Apple tightly controls which apps can be on your iPhone through its App Store. From deciding which apps are allowed to setting fees of 15% or 30%, Apple holds the reins. Regulators think this might break competition rules, and investigations have been ongoing for quite some time.

In Europe, the DMA already pushed Apple to change. The company has to let other app stores onto iPhones, and there’s a deadline – they need to comply by April next year. Meanwhile, back in the US, Jonathan Kanter and his team at the DOJ are nearing their decision. It might echo what Europe said, forcing Apple to allow other app stores or sideloading, or maybe both.

US Antitrust - Apple App Store Under Fire - The Story Behind the Scenes - Apple

Ripple Effect Around the World

The impact of these decisions goes beyond just Apple. If the App Store becomes more open, big players like Microsoft plan to jump in with their app stores for iPhones. This is a big deal because around half of Apple’s App Store money comes from games. So, major gaming companies might also step in, changing how apps are distributed on iPhones.

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Japan is also joining the push for change. They are getting ready to make laws that would force tech giants like Apple and Google to let other app stores join the party. If the global pressure continues, Apple might decide to make these changes worldwide instead of dealing with them one country at a time.

“The window for him to bring a case is closing, however, as the US presidential election and a potential change in administration loom.”

Jonathan Kanter

What to Expect in 2024

This isn’t just about this company; it’s part of a larger trend. In 2024, major legal battles will test US antitrust laws in different industries. The real estate world is in a frenzy over buyer broker commissions, with a $1.8 billion verdict in October shaking things up.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is also flexing its muscles. They are taking on Amazon, accusing it of keeping prices high. In Texas, the FTC is trying to push an antitrust case against a private equity firm in the healthcare sector. And the FTC’s fight against Facebook, claiming it abuses its power, could go to trial in 2024.

Then there’s the tech giant Google, facing battles on multiple fronts. Courts are reviewing claims against Google for maintaining dominance in internet search and challenging its ad tech business. Epic Games, known for Fortnite, is taking on Google over its Play store practices, with a recent win in a major antitrust challenge.

This new year will be crucial. The decisions made in these battles will shape how companies operate, how competition is regulated, and who holds power in key industries.

In this dynamic setting, the tech world braces for change. It’s not just about Apple’s App Store; it’s about how antitrust regulations in 2024 will reshape the landscape. As the US and Europe stand at the brink of crucial decisions, the global tech community watches closely, anticipating outcomes that could redefine the future of app stores and competition. The stakes are high, and the effects will reach far beyond Company’s headquarters.

US Antitrust - Apple App Store Under Fire - What to Expect in 2024

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