Apple’s Ongoing Work on Foldable iPhone and 8-inch iPad Prototypes

by Abdullah Sajid
Apple's Ongoing Work on Foldable iPhone and 8-inch iPad Prototypes

Apple is actively advancing its foldable technology, with ongoing work on both foldable iPhone and 8-inch iPad prototypes. The company faces challenges in creating a device half as thin as current iPhones. According to The Information, Apple’s industrial design team envisions screens facing outwards, ensuring a sleek design when folded. Engineers aim to overcome technical obstacles, making these foldable devices a potential reality in the coming years.

The challenge lies in making these foldable devices half as thin as current iPhones. The design team wants them to be sleek, even when closed. Their goal is to make screens facing outward, displaying information even when your device is folded. However, fitting in components like batteries and displays while keeping it super thin is no easy task.

Apple is in talks with manufacturers in Asia for component orders, but it’s not without caution. If the final product doesn’t meet Apple’s high design standards, the project might be shelved. Balancing a thin design with durability is tricky.

While the foldable iPhone is gaining momentum, Apple is also exploring a larger form-factor foldable iPad, about the size of an iPad mini. This alternative project surfaced when the foldable iPhone took a back seat. Challenges with this include reducing the crease in the middle of the display after repeated folds.

Apple's Ongoing Work on Foldable iPhone and 8-inch iPad Prototypes
Source: iOS Beta News/YouTube

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Despite the hurdles, Apple is determined to deliver a device that lies completely flat. The goal is a smooth user experience, especially when using accessories like the Apple Pencil on the foldable device.

Don’t expect a foldable iPhone soon, but Apple’s interest in foldable tech doesn’t stop at smartphones. They’ve been working on a foldable iPad since 2020. The envisioned 8-inch foldable iPad promises a unique user experience, with a target release in 2026 or 2027.

Apple’s ongoing work on foldable iPhone and 8-inch iPad prototypes showcases their commitment to pushing innovation boundaries. Challenges remain, but Apple’s exploration of foldable technology reveals their vision for the future. As they navigate the complexities of engineering and design, the prospect of foldable iPhones and iPads hints at an exciting evolution in Apple’s product lineup.

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