Formula E Adding Mini EV Junior Race Series In 4 European Events

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Formula E Adding Mini EV Junior Race Series In 4 European Events

Formula E is set to electrify European racing with the addition of the Mini EV Junior Series, enhancing the thrill of four major events. The series, designed to groom young talent, will accompany Formula E races across Europe. With the NXT Gen Cup, drivers aged 15 to 25 will navigate the circuits, preparing for the big leagues. ‘This series offers a platform for the next generation of drivers,’ says Formula E organizers, promising an exhilarating fusion of speed and sustainability.

Formula E, known for its electric car races, is introducing something new to its European events: the Mini EV Junior Series. This exciting addition aims to make racing even more thrilling for fans and give young drivers a chance to shine.

The Mini EV Junior Series, also called the NXT Gen Cup, is Formula E’s latest initiative to support young talent in racing. Unlike Formula E’s previous support series, which ended in 2020, this one is focused on drivers between 15 and 25 years old. It’s a chance for them to show their skills on the same tracks as the professional Formula E drivers.

This series actually started in Scandinavia last year, but now it’s expanding to Europe. The races will happen alongside Formula E events in four cities: Misano, Monaco, Berlin, and London. This means more action and excitement for fans attending these events.

Interesting is that both male and female drivers will be part of the series. Formula E organizers say that many of the drivers will be under 17 years old. This gives them a real taste of professional racing and prepares them for the big leagues.

The highlights of the series is the race car itself. It’s based on the Mini Cooper SE and packs a punch with its 180-horsepower motor. There’s even a push-to-pass system that gives the drivers an extra 60 horsepower when they need it most.

Formula E, the cars are all electric. They come with a 30-kilowatt-hour battery and an 800-volt system. This setup not only makes them fast but also environmentally friendly. The cars also have regenerative braking, adjustable shock absorbers, and special all-weather tires for maximum performance.

Formula E Adding Mini EV Junior Race Series In 4 European Events
Source: MINI EV

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Each driver will have the same car, so it all comes down to skill and strategy on the track. The races will be intense, with practice sessions, qualifiers, and the main event, all packed into one exciting day.

Formula E organizers put it, this series is more than just racing—it’s about giving young drivers a chance to shine. They believe it’s a great opportunity for the next generation of racers to show what they can do.

The first race of the Mini EV Junior Series is set for April 13 in Misano, Italy. If all goes well, it will be the start of something big for these young drivers and for Formula E as a whole.

Formula E‘s Mini EV Junior Series is a game-changer for European racing. With its focus on young talent and sustainability, it’s shaping the future of motorsports in an exciting new way. Get ready to witness the next generation of racing stars in action!

Formula E Adding Mini EV Junior Race Series In 4 European Events
Source: MINI EV

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