Apple Watch Hero: Delaware Student’s Life-Saving SOS Drama!

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Delaware student Natalie Nasatka faced a life-threatening carbon monoxide poisoning incident, losing consciousness in her Smyrna apartment. Swiftly utilizing her Apple Watch’s Emergency SOS feature, Natalie cried out to 911, with firefighters rescuing her just in time. Natalie reflects emotionally, stating, “When I heard the firefighters yell out ‘fire department,’ I just started crying and saying ‘I want to live. I want to live.'” This incident sheds light on the silent danger of carbon monoxide and emphasizes the crucial role of wearable technology, turning Natalie’s Apple Watch into an unexpected hero.

Emergency Apple Watch SOS to the Rescue

Natalie pressed and held the side button on her Apple Watch, activating Emergency SOS. This feature automatically calls local emergency services and shares your location. In Natalie’s case, it meant firefighters rushing to her aid.

Natalie’s quick thinking saved her life – she used the Emergency SOS feature on her Apple Watch to call 911. “When I heard the firefighters yell out ‘fire department,’ I just started crying and saying ‘I want to live. I want to live,'” she recalls.

“The firefighters yanked me out of bed. I saw my cat, and I just picked her up and said ‘Our job here on Earth isn’t done yet,'” Natalie emotionally shares.

The Hidden Danger of Carbon Monoxide

The culprit behind Natalie’s health scare was carbon monoxide, often called the “silent killer.” It claims over 400 lives each year in the U.S. and sends many more to emergency rooms. Dr. Lynn Farrugia, an emergency doctor, explains, “It is a lack of oxygen that affects the body. There are certain things become irreversible, the heart can be damaged.”

Natalie’s apartment had a dangerous level of 80 parts per million of carbon monoxide. The gas likely leaked from a faulty heater, a common issue in winter. Natalie admits she should’ve had a carbon monoxide detector, which could have warned her before things got so dangerous.

Apple Watch Hero Delaware Student's Life-Saving SOS Drama!
Source: CBS

A Miraculous Revival

Revived in the ambulance with oxygen, Natalie reflects on her emotional journey, “I’ve been riding waves of emotions.” Her survival emphasizes the importance of early detection and response to carbon monoxide threats.

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Tech as a Lifesaver

Natalie’s story sheds light on the role of technology in emergencies. Wearable devices like the Apple Watch are more than just gadgets; they can be lifesavers. As Natalie says, “Our job here on Earth isn’t done yet.” Her survival, thanks to her Apple Watch, shows how technology can play a crucial role in unexpected situations.

Experts stress the importance of having carbon monoxide detectors in every home, a simple measure that could prevent tragedies like Natalie’s.

Natalie Nasatka’s journey from danger to survival is a powerful reminder of the lifesaving potential of technology, with her Apple Watch emerging as an unexpected hero. This incident underscores the need for both technological advancements and personal responsibility to ensure our safety and well-being.

Apple Watch Save Delaware Student Life - Natalie Nasatka - Emergency Apple Watch SOS to the Rescue
Source: Apple

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