Facebook and Instagram’s Stricter Message Settings Empower Parents (2024)

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Facebook and Instagram's Stricter Message Settings Empower Parents (2024)

Facebook and Instagram are implementing stricter message settings to empower parents and enhance teen safety. The new measures block unwanted DMs, limiting contact to those teens follow or are connected with. Meta’s commitment to safer online experiences includes parental supervision tools, granting guardians more control. Larry Magid, CEO of ConnectSafely, notes, ‘Empowering parents to approve or deny requests gives them the tools they need to help protect their teens.’

Making Messages Safer for Teens

If you’re under 16 (or under 18 in some places), soon you won’t get messages from people you don’t follow on Instagram and Facebook. This is a big change because, before, only adults had this restriction. Now, it’s going to apply to everyone under 18, making sure that teens have more control over who can send them messages.

This idea comes from what Meta did in 2021 when they stopped adults on Instagram from messaging people under 18 if they didn’t follow them. Now, they are making sure the same applies to teens themselves.

Giving Parents More Say

Meta is also giving more power to parents. They’re making tools for parents to have more control over what their teens do online. Now, parents will get a say in approving or denying changes that teens want to make to their settings. For example, if a teen wants to make their account public or change who can message them, their parent will be asked for permission.

Larry Magid, CEO of ConnectSafely, thinks this is a good move. He says, “Empowering parents to approve or deny requests gives them the tools they need to help protect their teens.” This means parents can be more involved in their teens’ online lives, keeping them safe.

Facebook and Instagram's Stricter Message Settings Empower Parents (2024)
Source: Meta

Commitment to Safer Online Spaces

These changes are happening because Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, is trying hard to make the internet safer. They want to protect teens from seeing things that might not be good for them. For example, Meta has already announced that they will hide some content about self-harm, violence, eating disorders, and other sensitive topics from teens on Instagram and Facebook.

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Responding to Concerns

Meta is making these changes because they have been facing legal problems and criticism. Some people say that Meta didn’t do enough to protect young users. They are being accused of targeting children under 13 to use their apps and websites and of using their data even after knowing their ages. Reports also suggest that Instagram showed inappropriate content to young users.

In response, Meta is now working on making their platforms safer for teens and taking steps to address these concerns.

Facebook and Instagram's Stricter Message Settings Empower Parents (2024)
Source: Meta

What’s Coming Next

Meta is not stopping here; they have plans for more features. They are working on a new feature to stop teens from seeing or sending inappropriate images. This feature will work even in private chats, making sure that teens are safe in every way.

Facebook and Instagram’s new message settings show that Meta is taking a strong stand for teen safety online. By giving more power to parents and making stricter rules, Meta wants to make sure that the online space for teens is secure and trustworthy. These changes aim to create an online world where both teens and parents can feel confident and safe.

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