Microsoft takes the lead with $2.89 Trillion, surpassing Apple’s market value

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Microsoft takes the lead with $2.89 Trillion, surpassing Apple's market value

Microsoft has taken the lead with a staggering $2.89 trillion market valuation, surpassing Apple’s once-dominant position. As the tech giants battled for supremacy, Microsoft’s strategic focus on generative artificial intelligence and solid execution propelled it ahead. Investment expert David Katz notes, ‘Microsoft has done a better job of executing and demonstrating earnings growth,’ highlighting the key factors behind this significant shift in market dynamics.

The numbers tell a compelling story: Microsoft’s value jumped 3% to $2.89 trillion, while Apple stumbled with a 3% decline, settling at $2.87 trillion. The battle for the top spot between these tech giants has been fierce, and it’s success is turning heads.

So, what’s behind Microsoft’s victory? One word: Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company has been strategically focusing on generative AI, a technology that’s gaining momentum. This isn’t just a random win; it’s a result of the company executing its plans better than Apple, as investment expert David Katz notes.

Generative AI, a tech trend that’s all about machines creating things on their own, is at the heart of Microsoft’s strategy. The New York Times highlights this as the future for companies with momentum. A Stifel analyst sums it up, saying, “It simply comes down to gen AI,” emphasizing that Apple lacks a strong AI story.

Microsoft Copilot Avaialable on iOS and IpadOS - A New Era of AI on iOS
Source: Microsoft

Microsoft’s push into the AI world has paid off. Their shares surged by 1.6%, reaching a market valuation of $2.875 trillion. Analysts, like Gil Luria from D.A. Davidson, say it was inevitable for Microsoft to overtake Apple because it is growing faster, especially in the generative AI sector.

On the other side of the ring, Apple faced a challenging start in 2024. Their shares dipped by 0.9%, resulting in a market capitalization of $2.871 trillion. It wasn’t just about Microsoft’s rise; Apple dealt with rating downgrades and tough competition in the important Chinese market. Redburn Atlantic points out challenges from resurgent Huawei and rising tensions between China and the U.S.

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Adding to Apple’s troubles, its services business – usually a strong performer – is under scrutiny. Regulatory issues over a deal that makes Google the default search engine on iOS could shake up this revenue stream, especially with regulators keeping a close eye.

Microsoft’s momentum doesn’t come out of nowhere; it’s also fueled by a smart partnership with OpenAI, the folks behind ChatGPT. This collaboration led to the rollout of AI-powered tools in 2023, contributing to it’s intermittent lead over Apple since 2018.

OpenAI rewrites the rules, allows AI use in military and warfare
Source: OpenAI

On Wall Street, the mood is clear. Microsoft is the favorite, with no “sell” ratings and almost 90% of brokerages suggesting buying it’s stocks. Apple, on the other hand, has two “sell” ratings, and only two-thirds of analysts covering the company recommend buying.

Yet, both companies face scrutiny for their stock valuations. Apple’s forward PE (Price to Earnings) of 28 is higher than its 10-year average of 19. The company is also trading at around 31 times forward earnings, above its 10-year average of 24. This means both stocks are seen as relatively expensive, considering expected earnings – a crucial measure for evaluating public companies.

As Microsoft enjoys its moment at the top, the ongoing competition with Apple is far from over. The strategies and innovations of these tech giants will continue to shape the industry, and investors and observers are watching closely to see who will lead the way in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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