Microsoft Launches Mesh, Transforming Teams with 3D Meetings

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Microsoft Launches Mesh, Transforming Teams with 3D Meetings

Microsoft revolutionizes teamwork with the launch of Mesh, introducing immersive 3D meetings in Teams. Takeda, Accenture, bp, and Mercy Ships are already experiencing the transformative power of Mesh, creating custom virtual spaces for enhanced collaboration. Leo Barella, CTO of Takeda, praises Mesh for making hybrid meetings more collaborative and immersive, emphasizing the importance of human connection in the evolving world of work.

Immersive Connections for Teams Meetings

Work has changed, and with more people working remotely or in hybrid setups, building connections has become a significant challenge. Microsoft recognized this and introduced Mesh, a tool that uses cutting-edge technology to create immersive 3D experiences. Whether you’re on a PC or using a Meta Quest VR device, Mesh aims to make your virtual connections feel as real as face-to-face interactions.

Mesh in Teams: Elevating Collaboration

What’s exciting is that Mesh is not a standalone tool – it’s seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Mesh right within Teams meetings. Picture this: you’re in a Teams meeting, and with Mesh, you can step into ready-made 3D immersive spaces designed for your needs, be it a team social gathering, brainstorming session, or a round-table discussion. You even get to design your own avatar for a more personalized touch.

Mesh allows for multiple small-group discussions happening simultaneously, just like in real life. Spatial audio makes these side conversations productive, reducing the mental load and making discussions more effective. Plus, you can use all the familiar Teams features within these 3D spaces, like accessing shared content, chatting with your team, and expressing yourself with live reactions.

Already, big players like Takeda, Accenture, bp, and Mercy Ships are reaping the benefits of Mesh in Teams. Takeda’s Chief Technology Officer, Leo Barella, applauds Mesh for making their hybrid meetings more collaborative and immersive. He emphasizes the importance of human connection and how Mesh is helping every employee feel a true sense of belonging, no matter where they are in the world.

Microsoft Launches Mesh, Transforming Teams with 3D Meetings
Source: Microsoft

Creating Custom Experiences with Mesh

Mesh doesn’t just stop at Teams meetings; it allows organizations to host larger events with custom, immersive experiences. A no-code editor makes it easy to start with ready-made spaces and customize them with your branding, videos, and more. If you want to take it up a notch, the Mesh toolkit, which works with Unity, lets you create your own interactive experiences. The possibilities are endless – from all-hands meetings to onboarding sessions and simulations.

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Transformative Impact on Workspaces

Takeda, Accenture, bp, and Mercy Ships are at the forefront of embracing these innovative workspaces. Takeda, for instance, crafted the Hirameki Garden, a virtual venue for large company-wide events. This space, created in Microsoft Mesh, represents Takeda’s corporate values and philosophy.

Accenture, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, scaled its onboarding program using Mesh. Over 300,000 new hires were welcomed at One Accenture Park, a virtual campus in Microsoft Mesh. This immersive onboarding experience deepens human connection and allows new joiners to discover the company’s culture in a collaborative way.

Microsoft Mesh Goes Mainstream in Teams

The recent announcement that Mesh is now out of preview and fully integrated into Microsoft Teams is a game-changer. This means you can gather in virtual spaces, with or without a VR headset, making 3D meetings accessible to more people. These 3D Mesh meetings in Teams offer customizable environments, spatial audio, and interactive elements like games or icebreaker questions.

While the business adoption of virtual meetings is still a question, Microsoft highlights Accenture, BP, Takeda, and Mercy Ships as early adopters actively using Mesh. The integration into Teams positions Mesh not just as a standalone platform but as a pivotal feature, transforming the nature of Teams meetings.

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Microsoft Mesh Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Mesh is available on desktop PCs and Meta Quest VR devices. You can get a more immersive experience with a VR headset. Microsoft is offering a six-month free trial for businesses and enterprise plans. Prices range from $4 per user monthly for Microsoft Teams Essentials to $57 per user monthly for Microsoft 365 E5.

Meshing the Future of Team Collaboration

Microsoft Mesh is a game-changer, breaking the barriers of traditional virtual meetings. By seamlessly integrating into Microsoft Teams and offering a range of immersive experiences, Mesh is poised to redefine the way teams collaborate and connect in the evolving landscape of work. As more organizations embrace this transformative technology, the potential for authentic, engaging, and productive virtual interactions becomes more evident. Microsoft Mesh is not just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in the way we envision and experience teamwork in the digital age. With Mesh, the future of team collaboration looks brighter and more immersive than ever.

Microsoft Launches Mesh, Transforming Teams with 3D Meetings
Source: Microsoft

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