How Apple Vision Pro Stole CES Spotlight with the $3,499

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Apple’s Vision Pro steals the spotlight without even being present at CES 2024. Priced at $3,499, this game-changing headset, with dual 4K displays, an M2 chip, and advanced sensors, outshines competitors in the AR/VR space. As CES buzzed with new tech, Apple’s Vision Pro emerged as the undeniable showstopper, promising a futuristic AR/VR experience and leaving rivals in its wake.

CES 2024 was supposed to be a big AR/VR showdown. Companies came in with their cool headsets and gadgets, ready to impress. But here’s the catch – Apple wasn’t even there. They announced that the Vision Pro would launch on February 2nd, stealing the spotlight without even showing up.

Other companies showcased their AR and VR tech, like Xreal’s Air 2 Ultra glasses, TCL’s updated RayNeo X2 AR glasses, and Asus’s AirVision M1 glasses. Sony brought a “spatial” VR headset, Netflix hyped up a show featuring a VR headset, and Samsung even had a monitor for playing VR games. Nice, right? But none of these could match the buzz around Apple’s Vision Pro.

Sony Bold Move Against Apple Vision Pro in CES 2024!
Source: Sony

Qualcomm, the tech wizard, introduced a new Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 2 chipset for mixed reality devices. It’s like the engine that powers some cool VR stuff from Sony, Samsung, and maybe Google later on. Xreal and Qualcomm teamed up, hinting at potential competitors for the Vision Pro. Exciting, but none of them stole the show at CES 2024 like Apple did.

Now, let’s talk about why other companies might not have gone head-to-head with Apple. One reason could be that everyone wants to avoid competing with the big Apple gorilla. Why bother when you can experiment with new ideas at a lower cost? Also, building top-notch hardware like Apple does takes a lot of time and money. It’s not an easy task.

There’s another angle too. Meta, for example, launched the Quest Pro in 2022, but had to cut its price shortly after. Microsoft decided to drop its plans for HoloLens 3 and said goodbye to its Windows Mixed Reality platform. These bumps in the road make companies think twice before taking on Apple.

Spatial Computing in 2024 - Mixed Reality - The Tech Journey From VR to AR and Beyond
Mixed Reality Source: Meta

Now, the Vision Pro is a different beast. It’s on the expensive side, sure, and it might look a bit odd on someone’s face. But it’s loaded with cool features – dual 4K displays, an M2 chip, and lots of cameras and sensors to track you and the world around you. It’s not just a headset; it’s a high-tech experience.

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Why didn’t other companies try something more direct to compete with Apple? Well, it’s like they didn’t want to play in Apple’s league. Maybe they couldn’t match the time and money Apple invested in high-end hardware.

The Vision Pro’s launch comes with a $3,499 price tag, and Apple hints there might be even fancier versions with more storage that you can buy. It’s a bold move by Apple, aiming for the extreme high end of the market.

Despite its futuristic features, the Vision Pro faces challenges. People are skeptical about the high price and its somewhat unusual appearance. Will it offer something significantly different from other headsets? That’s still up in the air. But for now, Apple stands alone in its lane with the Vision Pro, ready to win or lose.

In the world of AR/VR, Apple’s Vision Pro is a heavyweight. Its launch, without a big event, is already creating a buzz. It’s like a living demo after a show dedicated to experimental products aspiring to be real. Apple is making a statement – the Vision Pro is here, and it’s something to talk about.

As Apple steps into the AR/VR ring, its competitors have some catching up to do. The Vision Pro’s advanced features, like hand- and eye-tracking technology, high-end displays, and smooth software integration, make it a serious player in the mixed reality game.

Apple’s Vision Pro, though absent from CES, has managed to be the talk of the town. Packed with futuristic tech and a $3,499 price tag, it’s Apple’s way of saying, “We’re setting the standards for AR/VR, whether you like it or not.” Will it be a hit or miss? Only time will tell. But for now, Apple has successfully stolen the CES spotlight without even stepping onto the show floor.

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