The Jennifer Hudson Show Excites Fans with Season 3 Renewal

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The Jennifer Hudson Show Excites Fans with Season 3 Renewal

Exciting news for fans as ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ secures Season 3 renewal, thrilling audiences with engaging moments and stellar guests. Channing Dungey, CEO of Warner Bros. Television Group, expresses pride in Jennifer Hudson’s rare talent and anticipates another year filled with exciting moments. Season 2’s success, boasting 4.4 million weekly viewers and award nominations, sets the stage for an even more star-studded and captivating Season 3. Hudson shares her gratitude, stating, ‘We are already dreaming up bigger dreams for Season 3, and I can’t wait to share them with you!’

Why The Jennifer Hudson Show Season 3 is a Big Deal

Your favorite show ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show.’ coming back for another season. Channing Dungey, the big boss at Warner Bros. Television Group, couldn’t be prouder. He thinks Jennifer Hudson is super talented, not just in front of the camera but also behind it. Her enthusiasm and charm have made the show a massive hit, with fans tuning in every week. The announcement came alongside other important people from Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox Television Stations, making it official – Season 3 is a go!

Season 2 Was a Hit!

In the second season, ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ had an average of 4.4 million people watching every week – that’s a lot of folks enjoying the show! Even with a little hiccup from a writers’ strike last year, the show’s popularity kept going up. Social media was buzzing with fans talking about their favorite moments. And let’s not forget the awards – the show got nominated for six Daytime Emmy Awards, and Jennifer Hudson herself won an outstanding host award at the 2023 NAACP Image Awards. That’s a big deal!

The Jennifer Hudson Show Excites Fans with Season 3 Renewal - Season 2 Was a Hit!
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Exciting Guests and What’s Coming Up

The show’s guests are like a who’s who in the entertainment world. Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato, Octavia Spencer, Adam Sandler – the list goes on! And guess what? Season 3 is already planning to bring even more stars to your screen. Kaley Cuoco, Heidi Klum, Common, Snoop Dogg, and Chrissy Teigen are just a few names on the upcoming guest list. It’s like a star-studded party every episode!

Channing Dungey, the big boss we mentioned earlier, is over the moon about the show’s success.

Her enthusiasm and endearing demeanor radiate from the stage and onto television screens everywhere. It’s no wonder her audience continues to skyrocket. We are so proud of the entire Jennifer Hudson Show team for their amazing success, and we look forward to another year full of exciting moments, engaging conversations, and stellar guests.

Channing Dungey
The Jennifer Hudson Show Excites Fans with Season 3 Renewal - Channing Dungey - Exciting Guests and What's Coming Up
Channing Dungey Source: Emma Mcintyre/Getty Images

Behind the Scenes Magic

Ever wondered how all this magic happens? Well, it’s not just Jennifer Hudson – it takes a village! ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ is made possible by a team of producers, including Jennifer herself, Mary Connelly, Andy Lassner, Corey Palent, Graehme Morphy, and Walter Williams III. They work hard behind the scenes to make sure every episode is a hit. LaNeé Griffin is also there as the co-executive producer, making sure everything runs smoothly.

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There is nothing I love more than watching people come together in positivity on one accord – sharing our humanity and our stories, learning from each other, and celebrating one another. We get to experience life to the fullest – we laugh out loud, we cry joyful tears, we dance the best we can, and we sing our hearts out. I owe my thanks to so many – to my incredible staff and crew at ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’, our amazing station partners that bring the show to audiences across the country, and most importantly, our beautiful viewers for allowing me into your home. We are already dreaming up bigger dreams for Season 3, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Jennifer Hudson

As ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ gears up for Season 3, get ready for more laughter, more tears, more dancing, and more singing. The show promises to bring even bigger dreams to your screens, and Jennifer Hudson and her team can’t wait to share them with you. The excitement is building, and fans are counting the days until the next season begins!

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