Belkin is making a battery clip accessory for Apple Vision Pro

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Belkin is making a battery clip accessory for Apple Vision Pro

Belkin introduces a game-changing accessory for Apple Vision Pro. The upcoming battery clip, set to debut alongside the headset’s launch on February 2, adds convenience for users lacking pockets. This clip is a solution to ensure everyone can seamlessly experience the Vision Pro,’ says a Belkin spokesperson. Priced at $3499, the device promises a revolutionary VR experience with its unique battery design.

According to Belkin, this clip is a smart fix for people who don’t have a convenient place to stash the Vision Pro’s battery. Available both online and in Apple stores, the clip lets users attach the battery to their clothes, taking away the worry of where to put it.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the Apple Vision Pro itself. Unlike other headsets, this one isn’t wireless. The battery is separate and attaches to the headset with a magnetic connection. While this design reduces the weight on your head, it brings a challenge – where do you carry the battery, especially if you’re wearing a dress without pockets?

Belkin came to the rescue with the battery clip. A spokesperson from Belkin explained, “This clip is a solution to ensure everyone can seamlessly experience the Vision Pro.” It’s like a handy hanger for your battery, making sure it stays close without causing any inconvenience.

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If you’re excited about getting your hands on the Apple Vision Pro, you can start preordering it from January 19. The device will start shipping on February 2nd. But, I should mention, this VR experience comes at a cost – the starting price is $3499 for the 256 GB model.

Even with the hefty price tag, the promise of a revolutionary VR experience and the added convenience of the Belkin battery clip are expected to attract a lot of attention. This collaboration between Belkin and Apple not only solves a practical problem but also shows how working together can lead to better products.

So, as you gear up for the Apple Vision Pro, rest assured that Belkin has thought of everything, making your experience not just high-tech but hassle-free too!

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