UTA Welcomes Allison Kuch and NFL Isaac Rochell in Exclusive Deal

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UTA Welcomes Allison Kuch and NFL Isaac Rochell in Exclusive Deal

UTA, a prominent talent agency, announces a deal welcoming TikTok sensation Allison Kuch and NFL player Isaac Rochell. The power couple, with a combined reach of millions, aims to expand into podcasts, unscripted TV, and more. ‘We’re excited about the possibilities,’ says Allison Kuch, as UTA positions them for a broader entertainment presence.

Allison Kuch, a big name on TikTok with around three million followers, is not just about entertaining videos. She’s also a new mom and the wife of NFL player Isaac Rochell. Recently, they joined forces with UTA to step into the broader world of content and entertainment.

One of Allison Kuch‘s recent ventures into the audio world is her podcast, “The Sunday Sports Club.” Now, with UTA by their side, they’re gearing up for even more exciting opportunities beyond social media. Isaac Rochell, known for his seven-season career in the NFL with various teams, is also ready to explore the entertainment industry alongside his wife.

Allison Kuch is thrilled about what lies ahead. “We’re excited about the possibilities,” she says, showing her eagerness for the new opportunities that UTA can help them explore. UTA, a company with a strong foothold in talent, entertainment, and sports, is the perfect guide for the couple as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood and content creation.

UTA Welcomes Allison Kuch and NFL Isaac Rochell in Exclusive Deal
Source: Allison Kuch Instagram

For Allison Kuch, being a social media influencer is not just about making fun videos. She has partnered with big brands like DraftKings, Dicks Sporting Goods, Wilson, Olay, Burt’s Bees, Alo, and Lululemon. On the NFL side, Isaac Rochell has carved out a niche with his “Husband PSA” series, building a community around relationship advice.

Their connection with UTA doesn’t mean they’re cutting ties elsewhere. Lauren Schwartz at HJTH Legal will continue to represent Allison Kuch and Isaac, ensuring they have a solid legal backbone. Rochell’s representation for his football career will stay with VaynerSports.

The exclusive deal with UTA is a game-changer for Allison Kuch and Isaac Rochell. The mix of their massive social media presence and UTA’s industry know-how puts them in a prime position for success in the entertainment world. From podcasts to unscripted TV, the couple is ready to explore new horizons, and their fans can’t wait to see what exciting content comes next.

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