The Year of Women: Chelsea Handler Hosts Critics Choice Awards

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The Year of Women Chelsea Handler Hosts Critics Choice Awards

Chelsea Handler eagerly takes the reins as the host of the Critics Choice Awards, marking ‘The Year of Women.’ Reflecting on the industry’s resilience after strikes and global challenges, Chelsea Handler shares her excitement for a celebratory awards season. As she prepares for the show, Chelsea Handler emphasizes the importance of humor, togetherness, and the outstanding achievements of women in 2024. Get ready for a night filled with laughter and the empowerment of female talent!

Reflecting on the tumultuous events of the past year, including strikes within the industry and global challenges, Chelsea Handler expresses a sense of relief and anticipation for a celebratory atmosphere during this awards season. In a recent interview, she articulates, “It’s a bit like a post-COVID mentality. It’s letting the air out of a balloon because everyone is just raring to go. People are grateful to be back at work. I think the studios and actors, writers, directors are all relieved that we can move forward.

Chelsea Handler, known for her humor and candidness, finds a unique charm in the Critics Choice Awards compared to other, more solemn ceremonies. “It doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of weight in terms of the awards. Everyone’s there to have a good time. I’m a girl that has a good time. So it’s a good match. It’s not as serious as the Oscars, and it’s not as chaotic as the Golden Globes,” she remarks.

The Year of Women Chelsea Handler Hosts Critics Choice Awards
Source: Chelsea Handler Instagram

Returning as a host for the second time, Chelsea Handler exudes confidence and excitement. When asked about any added pressure, she confidently states, “I know I can deliver; this is very much in my wheelhouse. And it’s very enjoyable to be able to share a room with all the people who’ve worked so hard to be there, especially in a year where Barbie, the No. 1 box office movie of the year, is by a woman. That makes me so happy.

The success of female-led projects, like the critically acclaimed movie Barbie,” resonates deeply with Chelsea Handler. She notes the collective achievements of women across various fields, from music with Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to sports with rising stars like Coco Gauff. Handler proudly declares, “This is the year of women, 2024, and we have all of these people to thank for it.

As the host, Chelsea Handler anticipates weaving humor into the fabric of the evening, promising an atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie. In her own words, “I’m sure I’ll go after the studios and the strike stuff. They deserve to be reminded of how ridiculous they are. But what was so special about last year’s show was that it was a high-vibe night. Everyone left in a good mood.

Taking a break from her “Little Big Bitch” comedy tour, Chelsea Handler is currently unwinding at her ski house in Whistler, Canada, preparing for the big night. Discussing the Critics Choice Awards’ unique charm, she comments, “Oh, I watch everything. I’ve been watching every movie and show up here in my little chalet in preparation. There’s a lot of horny movies out there — a lot of horniness.

The Year of Women Chelsea Handler Hosts Critics Choice Awards
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The relaxed atmosphere of the Critics Choice Awards, coupled with the opportunity to celebrate achievements in a more casual setting, drew Chelsea Handler back for the second year in a row. “I didn’t think I would want to host an awards show, but when they asked me [last year] I thought, ‘It’s not the Globes, it’s not the Oscars, there’s a lot of latitude for fun and high vibes.’ And that’s what I wanted to bring to the table — to make it a celebration and a fun night.

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Acknowledging her role as a host, Chelsea Handler emphasizes the importance of bringing positive energy to the event. “To bring the energy. To make everyone feel comfortable. I’m going to have a great time, and when the host is having a great time, it’s infectious,” she explains. Over the years, Chelsea Handler has developed a self-assuredness that allows her to navigate public opinions and criticisms with grace.

As Chelsea Handler gears up for the Critics Choice Awards, she reflects on the incredible year for women across various entertainment domains. Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s contributions to the box office, coupled with success stories in music and sports, paint a picture of female empowerment. Chelsea Handler, in her own unique style, concludes, “Nobody likes to see women succeed as much as another woman.”

While Chelsea Handler may not be returning to “The Daily Show” anytime soon, she revels in the life she has crafted for herself, embodying a message of authenticity and self-determination. “I like setting an example for women that you don’t have to listen to what everybody tells you to do, but you can do your own thing and be a huge success and find true joy and abundant happiness within that.

As the Critics Choice Awards approach, anticipation is high for a night filled with laughter, celebration, and the empowering spirit of ‘The Year of Women.’ Chelsea Handler, with her wit and charm, is poised to create an unforgettable experience, reminding everyone about the resilience, achievements, and the remarkable contributions of women in 2024.

The Year of Women Chelsea Handler Hosts Critics Choice Awards

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