Apple’s Vision Pro Sales Reach 180,000 in Pre-Order Debut

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Apple’s Vision Pro achieves a sales milestone with 180,000 units sold in its debut pre-order weekend, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The immediate sell-out sparks optimism, yet Kuo’s caution arises as shipping times remain steady, indicating potential tapering demand. Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro targets tech enthusiasts and early adopters, with Kuo suggesting a possible more affordable version in the future. As Apple ventures into augmented reality, the device’s success signals a significant stride in this innovative journey.

Kuo shared his thoughts on the Vision Pro’s performance on Medium, providing an estimate between 160,000 and 180,000 units sold during the first pre-order weekend. This figure is over 40% of what Apple initially hoped to sell in a whole year – an encouraging sign. Kuo’s math involves looking at delays in shipping dates and guessing how many units Apple had in stock before pre-orders began, settling around 60,000 to 80,000 units.

Initially, the quick sell-out and extended shipping times seemed like a sign of overwhelming demand. However, Kuo raises a red flag – the lack of a significant increase in shipping times after the initial rush. This suggests that Apple might not have had enough units ready at first, but now they’ve caught up with the demand.

What this all means? The Vision Pro, priced at a $3,499, isn’t for everyone. It’s designed for the tech enthusiasts who are ready to dive into the latest augmented reality experience. Kuo emphasizes that this product is for the early adopters, the folks who want the newest tech as soon as it hits the market.

Apple's Vision Pro Sees March Shipping Estimates for Some Configurations
Source: Apple

Kuo notes that Vision Pro accounts for only a tiny fraction – a mere 0.007 percent – of Apple’s enormous 1.2 billion active users. This reinforces the idea that the Vision Pro is a niche product. Despite this, Kuo highlights the need for continued interest before the global launch, expected around June’s WWDC. To keep the momentum going, Apple is setting up demo areas in its flagship stores, offering 25-minute sessions to showcase the Vision Pro.

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The Vision Pro’s appeal lies in its spatial computing features, providing an immersive virtual reality experience. At $3,499, it’s not your average tech gadget, especially considering the absence of popular apps like YouTube and Spotify. Kuo predicts that Apple might release a more affordable version, ranging from $1,500 to $2,500, making this advanced technology more accessible.

Further supporting the Vision Pro’s strong start, Kuo’s estimates align with reports, suggesting a potential shipment of about 500,000 units if the momentum continues. Even with the higher price tag compared to devices like the iPhone, the Vision Pro’s rapid sell-out signals success for Apple’s venture into augmented reality.

As the Vision Pro paves the way for future innovations, including the rumored Apple Glasses product, it marks a significant stride in Apple’s journey into augmented reality. While the initial sales figures are promising, it’s essential to heed Kuo’s caution and avoid premature conclusions about the device’s overall success or failure.

Apple’s Vision Pro has made a remarkable impact with its pre-order sales, demonstrating a robust market response. The device’s unique features, coupled with cautious optimism from analysts, position it as a pioneering product in Apple’s foray into augmented reality. The true measure of its success will unfold as Apple continues to navigate the dynamics of demand, supply, and user engagement in the ever-evolving landscape of spatial computing.

Experience the Magic as Vision Pro Supports AirPlay Mirroring to any Device
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