X Adds Android Users with the Next Level of Audio and Video Calls

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X, formerly Twitter, takes communication to the next level by introducing premium audio and video calls for Android users. In an announcement, X developer Enrique Barragan shared, ‘Audio and video calling is now available on Android, offering a transformative experience.’ This significant expansion follows their successful launch on iOS in October 2023, showcasing X’s commitment to revolutionizing conversations across platforms.

This isn’t just some small update. It’s a big leap for X, and it all started back in October 2023 when iOS users got a taste of audio and video calls. Now, the Android gang gets to join the party. It’s all part of X’s grand plan to be more than just a bird, evolving into an “everything” app. Linda Yaccarino, the big boss at X, first spilled the beans about the video chat feature last August, and now, it’s officially making its way to Android.

This isn’t for the elite Premium members. While Premium subscribers can go all out and make calls, everyone gets to be on the receiving end. Whether you’re splurging on Musk’s dreams with an $8 per month subscription or rolling with the free plan, you’re in for a treat. The premium subscribers, though, get an extra cherry on top—exclusive access to outbound video and audio calls. Talk about a VIP experience!

The rollout for Android users is in full swing, but don’t panic if you don’t see it yet. You might need to give your app a little TLC with an update. As for the exact timeline, it’s a bit like waiting for a surprise party; you know it’s coming, but the timing is a mystery. However, word on the street (or from The Verge’s Android devices, to be precise) is that the feature is making its presence felt after the company app got a facelift.

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to these new calling features. Want to enable or disable them? Easy peasy. Head over to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Direct Messages > Enable Audio and Video Calling. But wait, there’s more! You can also control who gets to ring your virtual doorbell. Only want calls from your address book buddies, followers, or the verified cool kids? You got it.

X Adds Android Users with the Next Level of Audio and Video Calls 2

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What if you’re not feeling the whole audio and video calling vibe? No worries. X is all about options. Head into settings, find privacy and safety, and venture into direct messages. There, you’ll find the golden switch to enable or disable audio and video calling. It’s like having a ‘Do Not Disturb‘ sign for your digital doorstep.

Why is X doing all this? This move is part of a bigger plan—turning X into an “everything” app. CEO Linda Yaccarino and owner Elon Musk have big dreams, and they’re making them a reality one feature at a time. From NFT profile pictures to now audio and video calls, the company is evolving.

X’s expansion of audio and video calling to Android users is more than just a tech update. It’s a game-changer for anyone who loves a good chat. It shows that the company is serious about shaking things up, moving beyond its Twitter roots, and becoming your go-to hub for all things communication. With this rollout, Android users are in for a treat, stepping into a new era of chatting with the transformative powers of premium audio and video calls. Time to pick up that phone and start chatting in style!

X Adds Android Users with the Next Level of Audio and Video Calls 3

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