Love Beyond Dance: Daniel Durant & Britt Stewart Are Engaged

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Love Beyond Dance Daniel Durant & Britt Stewart Are Engaged

Former DWTS partners Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart announced their engagement in a heartwarming Christmas proposal in Lake Arrowhead, California. The love story unfolded after their journey on season 31 of DWTS, where their chemistry extended beyond the dance floor. Daniel Durant expressed, ‘My heart connected to [the ring], and I had to get that ring.’ Stay tuned as the couple navigates the road to forever, with Stewart sharing, ‘It feels like we’ve just been together for forever.’

The journey towards this joyful moment began on season 31 of DWTS, where Daniel Durant, renowned for his role in the Best Picture winner “CODA,” and Britt Stewart, a trailblazing professional dancer and choreographer, were paired together. Their partnership not only led them to the semifinals, narrowly missing the coveted spot in the season finale, but it also ignited a connection that transcended the boundaries of the dance floor.

As the couple shared details of their engagement exclusively with PEOPLE, it became evident that their love story unfolded organically after the competition. Daniel Durant, reflecting on the proposal, shared, “I was the last one — and I started talking about the year, about us meeting and everything that happens in life. I just feel like there’s balance. She sees me. She knows my culture, my language, and understands everything about me.”

Britt Stewart added to the sentiment, saying, “It felt like magic, but at the same time, it felt right and normal.” The proposal, taking place during a family hike with both Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart‘s families, marked the beginning of a new chapter for the couple. The families, perched atop a mountain, shared their aspirations for the upcoming year, creating a backdrop of warmth and joy for the engagement.

Their romance, however, didn’t blossom until after their journey on DWTS concluded. Daniel Durant, emphasizing their initial focus on the competition, mentioned, “I’m a really competitive person, I wanted to win this thing and so I saw that in her and we trained.Britt Stewart, showcasing her commitment, revealed that she made the decision to learn American Sign Language (ASL) as soon as she knew Daniel Durant would be her partner, stating, “I must learn ASL because I’m teaching him how to dance.

This dedication not only contributed to their success on the dance floor but also deepened their connection. The turning point came during week eight of the competition when they performed a jazz routine to Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. A significant portion of the dance was performed without music, providing a window into Daniel Durant‘s experiences as a deaf artist.

For me, it was the moment when our lives showed each other,” Britt Stewart expressed. “I was really able to see him and his experience in Dancing With the Stars, but then just a little of his life too.” When they were eliminated from the competition, Daniel Durant realized he couldn’t imagine a life without Britt Stewart, leading to the natural progression of their relationship.

Love Beyond Dance Daniel Durant & Britt Stewart Are Engaged
Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart Source: Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

Publicly confirming their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2023, the couple embarked on a journey that resonated with authenticity and shared experiences. Daniel Durant, known for his roles in “CODA” and the Deaf West revival of “Spring Awakening,” and Britt Stewart, the first Black pro dancer on DWTS in season 29, celebrated their love on social media, providing glimpses of their adventures and special moments.

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The engagement ring, a symbol of their eternal love, holds a unique significance. Set on an infinity band, the ring represents the couple’s commitment to each other. Daniel Durant, through an American Sign Language interpreter, shared, “My heart connected to it, and I had to get that ring. It belongs on her finger for sure. Despite a temporary setback – the ring needing resizing – the couple anticipates its return before Britt Stewart embarks on the “Dancing with the Stars Live 2024 tour.

As the couple prepares for the next chapter in their lives, the DWTS family, including Jenna Johnson, Peta Murgatroyd, Julianne Hough, and more, expressed their joy and congratulations on social media. The engagement, announced on December 29, 2023, was captioned on Instagram by the couple with a simple yet powerful statement: “Forever.“

In the midst of dance competitions, heartfelt proposals, and the embrace of love, Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart’s engagement stands as a testament to a connection that goes beyond the rhythms of the dance floor, promising a journey of a lifetime together. Stay tuned as this captivating love story continues to unfold, with Britt Stewart aptly summarizing their journey, “It feels like we’ve just been together for forever.

Love Beyond Dance Daniel Durant & Britt Stewart Are Engaged
Source: ABC

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