OpenAI and Common Sense Media’s Partnership for AI Safety

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OpenAI and Common Sense Media's Partnership for AI Safety

OpenAI and Common Sense Media unite forces to ensure AI safety. This collaboration, aiming to create guidelines and educational resources, emphasizes responsible AI use for children and teens. With the mission to curate family-friendly GPTs, the organizations aspire to pioneer safe AI education, providing a smart parenting guide for families and educators. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman highlights the goal to ‘make this tool safely and responsibly and broadly available to teens.’

To make sure artificial intelligence (AI) is safe for kids, OpenAI and Common Sense Media have teamed upThe goal is to create rules and learning materials about AI for children and teenagers. They also plan to pick out AI that’s safe for families, making it easier for parents and educators. OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, wants to ensure AI is available and safe for teens to use as part of their education.

Empowering AI Education and Safety Initiatives

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, shared this news at an event in San FranciscoHe talked about the importance of making AI tools safe and available for teens. Altman wants AI to be a part of how teens learn and hopes to benefit those who might not have easy access to AI. The goal is to provide helpful AI for free.

Common Sense Media’s Mission for AI Ratings and Reviews

Common Sense Media, a group that helps make technology safe for kids, has been working on a system to rate and review AI. They want to answer questions about how AI impacts learning, if it respects human and children’s rights, and if it can spread false information.

OpenAI and Common Sense Media's Partnership for AI Safety
Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, attends the 54th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 18, 2024. Source: Denis Balibouse | Reuters

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Creating AI Guidelines and Educational Materials

OpenAI and Common Sense Media plan to make guidelines and materials about AI. These resources will teach families and educators how to use AI like ChatGPT responsibly and safely. The goal is to make sure everyone understands how to use this new technology without any unintended problems.

Curating a Family-Friendly AI Collection

One exciting part of this partnership is the creation of a safe section for family-friendly AI in OpenAI’s GPT StoreThis will feature AI models chosen based on Common Sense’s ratings. It will make it clear which AI models are okay for younger users. The idea is to balance innovation with safety, making sure AI has a positive impact on teens and families.

Addressing Challenges and Looking to the Future

While Altman sees a bright future with AI in education, he also knows there are challengesHe is concerned about AI being used to persuade people in a negative wayOpenAI is ready to respond to these challenges and keep a close eye on the potential risks.

A Vision for Safe and Inclusive AI EducationOpenAI and Common Sense Media are on a mission to make AI safe, accessible, and beneficial for everyoneThey are committed to teaching families, supporting teens, and choosing AI models that are safe for familiesThrough this partnership, OpenAI and Common Sense Media want to shape a future where AI is used responsibly, helping the progress of education and technology.

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