Mozilla Monitor Plus Erases Your Leaked Info from Data-Brokers in Paid Service

by Abdullah Sajid
Mozilla Monitor Plus Erases Your Leaked Info from Data-Brokers in Paid Service

Mozilla’s latest offering, Mozilla Monitor Plus, takes a proactive approach to safeguarding your data from over 190 data-broker sites. For a fee of $13.99 per month, this paid service regularly scans and removes your personal information, offering a valuable solution in the realm of online privacy. Mozilla partners with Onerep for these scans, aiming to erase your leaked information from various sources like social media sites and browser trackers. The service, priced at $107.88 annually, is an expansion of the free Mozilla Monitor and signals a significant stride in user-centric data protection.

Mozilla Monitor Plus

With the increasing concerns about data breaches, Mozilla has launched Mozilla Monitor Plus, a service designed to keep your personal information safe on the internet. Unlike traditional monitoring services, which only send alerts about data breaches, Mozilla Monitor Plus takes it a step further. For a monthly fee of $13.99 or an annual subscription of $107.88, this service continuously checks over 190 data-broker sites and actively removes your exposed details. It’s like having a guardian for your online privacy.

Partnership with Onerep

To make Mozilla Monitor Plus more effective, Mozilla has partnered with Onerep, a company that specializes in scanning and removing personal information from various online sources. Tony Cinotto, Mozilla Monitor product manager, explains, “We partner with Onerep to perform these scans and subsequent takedown requests. While requests usually take between seven and 14 days to process, sometimes information can’t be removed. Mozilla will keep trying, but will also give Plus members instructions for attempting removal themselves.”

This partnership not only ensures a quick response to data exposure but also empowers users to take control of their online privacy. It’s a collaborative effort to address the challenges posed by data brokers.

Mozilla Monitor Plus Erases Your Leaked Info from Data-Brokers in Paid Service
Mozilla Monitor Plus Erases Your Leaked Info from Data-Brokers in Paid Service

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Mozilla Monitor Plus vs. Competitors

Mozilla Monitor Plus is setting a new standard for online privacy by actively targeting and removing personal information from a wide network of data-broker sites. According to Mozilla, its service covers more than double the number of data brokers monitored by its competitors. This extensive coverage provides a strong defense against the various threats posed by data breaches.

Subscribers not only benefit from continuous monitoring but also receive alerts in case of a data breach. The service highlights information from high-risk breaches, such as social security numbers, credit card details, and banking information. Users are not only informed but also guided on how to start the process of data removal.

Why It Matters

In today’s digital world, personal information is collected by data brokers from various sources, making individuals vulnerable to identity theft and other online risks. While laws on digital privacy are still developing, companies like Mozilla are taking proactive steps to empower users.

Mozilla Monitor Plus is part of Mozilla’s efforts to enhance user privacy. It joins other subscription services offered by Mozilla, such as the Mozilla VPN, a premium version of the Firefox Relay email-privacy product, and a paid version of the Pocket bookmarking app. These additions not only contribute to user privacy but also diversify Mozilla’s sources of income.

Mozilla Monitor Plus is a step towards comprehensive data protection. The service’s proactive approach, partnership with Onerep, and extensive coverage of data brokers make it stand out in the field of online privacy. As people become more aware of the value of their personal information, Mozilla’s commitment to safeguarding user data is a significant move in the evolution of digital privacy solutions. Mozilla Monitor Plus is not just a service; it’s a sign of Mozilla’s dedication to providing users with the tools they need to protect their online identity in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

Mozilla Monitor Plus Erases Your Leaked Info from Data-Brokers in Paid Service

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