Kaleb Cooper Drops First-Ever Single for a Charitable Cause

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Kaleb Cooper Drops First-Ever Single for a Charitable Cause

‘Clarkson’s Farm’ star Kaleb Cooper shows his hidden talent by dropping his debut single, ‘I Can’t Stand Sheep,’ a charity rap supporting RABI. The song humorously expresses his dislike for sheep while addressing the farming industry’s loneliness. Cooper’s musical gesture not only entertains but also raises awareness and funds for a cause close to his farming community’s heart.

Hidden Talent Revealed – Kaleb Cooper

Kaleb Cooper spilled the beans on YouTube and Instagram. Turns out, he can rap! The 25-year-old farmer shocked everyone by releasing his first-ever single. “My singing voice isn’t a match for my farming skills, but I had fun recording it,” he admits.

The song is no regular rap; it’s a charity rap! Kaleb Cooper is donating all the profits to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI). The lyrics, set to “The Floral Dance,” hilariously talk about Kaleb Cooper’s dislike for sheep. But behind the laughter, there’s a serious message about how tough farming life can be.

Fans Cheer On

Kaleb Cooper’s Instagram following of 2.1 million exploded after this surprise. Around 40,000 tuned in to watch his video in the first 24 hours. Fans had a lot to say. “What can’t he do? one asked, while others reminisced about the simple farm boy they first saw on Amazon Prime.

Kaleb Cooper Drops First-Ever Single for a Charitable Cause
Source: Kaleb Cooper Instagram

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Supporting a Cause

RABI, based in Oxfordshire, praised Kaleb Cooper’sincredible gesture.” They help farmers with mental health support and more. Kaleb including their helpline in the lyrics is a powerful way to remind people they’re there to help.

Caron Whaley from RABI said, “Kaleb’s wonderful rap reminds farming people that RABI is here 24/7 in times of need.” The catchy rap not only entertains but also spreads awareness about the challenges farmers face.

A Farmer of Many Talents

Kaleb’s journey from farm life to a global stage has been incredible. From hanging out with Jeremy Clarkson to launching his agriculture bursary, Kaleb keeps surprising us. Now, he’s adding music to his list of talents.

Serious Side of Farm Life

While the rap is fun, it also touches on the tough side of farming. Kaleb Cooper wants people to know the pressures farmers face and the loneliness they might feel. The song brings a smile but also offers support to those struggling in the farming community.

As Kaleb Cooper’s debut single hits streaming platforms, fans can’t wait to hear the country rap mixed with “The Floral Dance.” The song’s release coincides with Kaleb’s theater tour, celebrating his journey from farm boy to a star. All the money raised goes to RABI, making Kaleb’s song not just music but a heartfelt gift to his fellow farmers.

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