Thomas Morstead’s Pro Bowl Plea: Jets’ Specialists Shine Bright

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Former Saints punter Thomas Morstead passionately makes his Pro Bowl case for the New York Jets. At 37, Morstead is having a stellar season, averaging 49.4 yards per punt and showcasing unmatched expertise. He advocates not only for himself but for fellow specialists, emphasizing kicker Greg Zuerlein’s precision and long snapper Thomas Hennessy’s integral role. Thomas Morstead’s Pro Bowl plea sheds light on the often-overlooked brilliance of Jets’ specialists, sparking a conversation about their deserving recognition in the league.

Punting Precision: Thomas Morstead’s Stellar Season

Thomas Morstead, once a Saints favorite, is turning heads with the New York Jets. At 37, he’s not just holding his own but making a compelling case for a Pro Bowl spot in 2023. Let’s dive into why Thomas Morstead and his fellow specialists deserve recognition.

Thomas Morstead’s boot is proving age is just a number. Averaging an impressive 49.4 yards per punt, he’s in a league of his own. His 81 punts this season, matched only by Jamie Gillan of the Giants, harken back to his standout 2012 Pro Bowl season. Numbers aside, it’s his impact on the field that sets him apart.

Beyond the Numbers: Game-Changing Plays

For Thomas Morstead, it’s not just about the distance. He’s tied for third in punts inside the 20 with 28, contributing significantly to the Jets’ three safeties this season. Pinning opponents near their goal line has become a trademark move, showcasing his instrumental role in the team’s success.

A Trio’s Victory: Morstead, Zuerlein, and Hennessy

Thomas Morstead’s Pro Bowl plea isn’t a solo act; he’s rallying for his teammates – kicker Greg Zuerlein and long snapper Thomas Hennessy. Zuerlein’s precision is a standout feature, boasting a 96.4% success rate this season. Morstead acknowledges his teammate’s impact, highlighting his resilience after a challenging 52-yard attempt against Kansas City.

“Look, Greg has missed one kick all season. He’s been huge,” notes Morstead. Zuerlein, like Morstead, has tasted Pro Bowl glory, earning the honor in 2017 with the Rams. The current season’s success rate is a testament to his consistency and skill.

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Unsung Hero: The Long Snapper’s Tale

In the background, but no less critical, is long snapper Thomas Hennessy. Despite seven seasons with the Jets, Hennessy hasn’t seen Pro Bowl recognition. Thomas Morstead shines a light on his often-overlooked role, noting, “He’s been a huge part of our success.”

Hennessy, holding the title of the highest-paid long snapper in the NFL, ensures Morstead’s punting success and plays a pivotal role in Zuerlein’s near-perfect field goals.

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Jets’ Specialist Symphony: A Collective Success

As Thomas Morstead passionately makes his case for the Pro Bowl, it’s evident that the Jets’ success hinges on the combined efforts of these key players. Beyond individual achievements, Morstead sparks a broader conversation about the often-overlooked brilliance of Jets’ specialists, emphasizing their deserving recognition in the league.

A Tale of Triumph

In a season marked by standout performances and team success, Thomas Morstead’s Pro Bowl plea adds a compelling narrative to the New York Jets’ journey in the NFL. The trio of Morstead, Zuerlein, and Hennessy isn’t just making waves; they’re orchestrating a symphony of success that deserves recognition on the Pro Bowl stage. As Morstead aptly puts it, “The result of making the Pro Bowl would be the cherry on top. It would be a cool honor, for sure.

Thomas Morstead

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