CES 2024: $200K Foldable TV Shaking Up Home Entertainment!

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CES 2024 $200K Foldable TV Shaking Up Home Entertainment!

At CES 2024, the C Seed N1 Foldable TV steals the spotlight, priced at a staggering $200,000. This luxury tech marvel, with its 137-inch display, redefines home entertainment, combining cutting-edge technology with exclusive design. The TV unfolds into a work of art, boasting micro LEDs and Adaptive Gap Calibration, promising a visual feast. While the price tag is hefty, the exclusivity adds rarity, with only 200 units sold in the past decade, making it one of the rarest TVs on the planet.

Revolutionizing How We Watch TV

Meet C Seed, a company from Austria that’s been crafting luxury electronics since 2009. Their latest creation, the N1 Foldable TV, made its grand debut at CES 2024. Think of it as more than a TV; it’s a blend of high-tech and high-class design.

What’s So Special About the N1 Foldable TV?

A TV that unfolds into a gigantic 137-inch display, making it the world’s first Foldable TV of this size. Most TVs demand attention even when turned off, but the N1 transforms into a stylish sculpture, hiding in plain sight. In just over a minute, it goes from being a showpiece to a 4K electronic display, rising 7.8 feet and unveiling five display panels.

C Seed N1 Foldable TV at CES 2024 worth $200K - What's So Special About the N1 Foldable TV
Source: C Seed

The Magic Inside the Foldable TV

The secret sauce? Micro LEDs. These tiny but powerful lights make sure you get the best viewing experience. With a peak brightness of 4,000 nits, an HDR display, and vibrant colors, the N1 promises to be a visual feast. It even adjusts the brightness around the folds using its Adaptive Gap Calibration technology, giving you a seamless picture on Foldable TV. Plus, the screen can turn 180 degrees, so everyone gets the best view.

What Does $200,000 Get You?

Luxury comes at a cost, and in this case, Foldable TV is a hefty $200,000 for the 137-inch version, available in silver and champagne colors. Surprisingly, this price tag doesn’t cover installation and setup – a unique touch that sets it apart. If you fancy outdoor TV time, the N1 Outdoor with a 137-inch display is yours for $240,000. Need something even bigger? There’s a 165-inch option, but be ready to shell out $300,000.

Why the Wait?

Unlike picking up a TV at the store, C Seed TVs are a bit more exclusive. In the past ten years, they’ve only sold 200 units. Ordering one means waiting patiently for six months before it graces your living room. But the exclusivity adds a touch of a rarity – owning a C Seed TV means having one of the rarest TVs on the planet.

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The Buzz at CES 2024

CES 2024 isn’t just about the N1 Foldable TV; it’s a tech wonderland. From futuristic concepts to things you can buy right now, it’s a showcase of innovation. AI is stealing the spotlight, and there’s even a robot for your dog. But among all these marvels, the N1 stands tall, capturing everyone’s attention with its foldable brilliance.

The Bottom Line: Luxury Redefined

In a nutshell, CES 2024 gave birth to a new era of home entertainment with the C Seed N1 Foldable TV. It’s not just about the size or the price; it’s about redefining how we view luxury. As technology takes leaps, the N1 is a beacon of what happens when innovation meets craftsmanship. It’s a promise that our future TVs won’t just be screens – they’ll be pieces of art seamlessly fitting into our homes, making every viewing experience a masterpiece.

C Seed N1 Foldable TV at CES 2024 worth $200K - The Bottom Line Luxury Redefined
Source: C Seed

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