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Apple Vision Pro Launches Today – Experience the Era of Spatial Computing

Embark on a journey as Apple Vision Pro launches today, ushering in the era of spatial computing. Mytheresa and J.Crew redefine shopping with immersive AR experiences. Michael Kliger, CEO of Mytheresa, envisions extraordinary luxury encounters, while J.Crew’s VP of Marketing, Halsey Anderson, hails a new era of spatial shopping. Explore the future as Vision Pro transforms how we connect, work, and enjoy entertainment.

Apple’s Vision Pro, first introduced at WWDC in June, has officially available in the United States. The anticipation of customers eagerly awaiting their pre-orders, with Apple Stores opening at 8 a.m. local time for those exciting in-store pickups. The day is also marked by the initiation of Apple Vision Pro demos at stores across the country, inviting interested individuals to explore the wonders of spatial computing firsthand.

For those who are curious but not quite ready to commit to the $3,499 price tag, Apple Stores are offering 25-minute demos. These sessions not only showcase the capabilities of the device but also provide insights into how to use Vision Pro, what content and apps are available, and more. It’s like a sneak peek into the revolutionary world of spatial computing.

Michael Kliger, the CEO of Mytheresa, shares his excitement about their partnership with Apple Vision Pro. He envisions extraordinary luxury experiences for users, and Mytheresa’s app on Vision Pro makes this vision a reality. Users can embark on a virtual shopping escapade set against picturesque backdrops like Capri and Paris. The app even offers curated styling sessions with personal shoppers, featuring top-notch brands such as Loewe, Valentino, and Saint Laurent.

Experience the Magic as Vision Pro Supports AirPlay Mirroring to any Device
Source: Apple

Halsey Anderson, J.Crew’s VP of Marketing, emphasizes the app’s role in ushering the brand into a new era of spatial shopping and styling. Both Mytheresa and J.Crew’s apps are now available in the App Store, coinciding with the availability of Vision Pro in stores. Apple’s spatial computer, described as revolutionary, is designed to transform various aspects of our daily lives, from work and collaboration to reliving memories and enjoying entertainment.

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Priced between $3,499 and $4,000 for an upgraded version, the Vision Pro has garnered significant attention since its pre-sale availability on January 9th. While currently exclusive to the United States, Apple plans to spread its wings internationally later this year, promising a global impact on how we perceive and interact with technology.

As Apple Vision Pro takes center stage, this launch day signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of spatial computing. The immersive experiences offered by Mytheresa and J.Crew hint at the transformative potential of AR in the world of retail, foreshadowing a future where spatial computing becomes an integral part of our daily lives. Today is not just a product launch; it’s a step into the future of technology and human interaction, and you’re invited to be a part of it.

Source: Apple

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